Ramayan says Lord Hanuman brought Sanjivani, the miracle herb, to save the life of Lakshman. In these global pandemic times, we are in a desperate need  for the discovery of a vaccine for COVID-19. Let’s chant for everyone’s health and global peace. Let’s also pray for our global scientists to be blessed with the intellectual power to discover the vaccine soon.
          With this vision in mind, SiliconAndhra cordially invites one and all to join the Global Hanuman Chalisa Lakshagala Chanting online. Let’s have 100,000 people from all across the world come together to chant at the same time creating powerful divine and positive vibrations.  We will chant Sant Tulasidas’s  ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ and pray to Lord Hanuman, the embodiment of health, longevity and enormous strength. Let’s invoke the divine powers for the benefit of humanity.
      This divine initiative also includes a real life goal of providing quality healthcare to hundreds of thousands of people in rural India. The net proceeds would help to procure medical equipment for Sanjivani Hospital in Kuchipudi village, Andhra Pradesh, India. Sanjivani Hospital, when fully equipped, would serve thousands of families for generations to come.
              Let’s all bring the world together and chant Hanuman Chalisa!

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu!